To date you have already donated 100 mammograms – We still need 50 more


We greatly appreciate your response during this special campaign to support the women in the Caribbean. This project has a specific focus on Jamaica. We successfully completed the Barbados project in December 2017 and in May this year, will be affording the women in the rural areas of Jamaica a voucher which will allow them to get a free mammogram. Whether you read the story in previous correspondences, have a family member or friend affected by cancer, you gave a gift to ensure more women become more proactive in their breast health and cancer prevention. Getting a mammogram is the first step and you have already provided for 100 women. At The Olive Branch of Hope, we like to “Think Beyond Love Pink”. This means providing resources for mammograms, hosting educational seminars and workshops and helping the women to look to the future with hope and anticipation of a bright future, in spite of the challenges that may loom ahead.

We challenge those who have not yet responded to join with those who already gave by becoming a donor and helping to provide the final 50 mammograms needed to reach our goal of 150. By providing 100 mammograms, you have already shown that you care and also demonstrated your patriotism to your country/the Caribbean that will not thrive without healthy women. It is important that we continue to advocate for prevention and give more women the hope they need to survive. Why? Because every 60 seconds, somewhere in the world, someone dies from breast cancer. The annual mortality rate per 100,000 people from breast cancer in Jamaica has increased by 33.6% since 1990 – an average of 1.5% each year. A recent report in the Jamaica Observer could not be clearer - “Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Jamaican women above the age of 25 years. Breast cancer accounts for 29.4 percent of all cancers in Jamaica, with an incidence rate of 43.1 per 100,000 in women and 0.6 in men.” We must be more than cheerleaders - we must become change leaders. Together we are stronger and together we can bring hope and support to those facing breast cancer.

We remain Steadfast in the Fight.

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