Women of African-Caribbean Heritage & Cancer

Did you know?

  • Women of African heritage are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer and will probably die from it before the age of 40?

  • African American women are diagnosed with a more aggressive type of cancer than others?

  • Researchers have found that there is a genetic mutation linked to this aggressive type of breast tumor but more research is needed to find out WHY it is related to this specific group?

  • The American Cancer Society reported that black women have a higher breast cancer mortality rate at every age, and a lower survival rate than white women? The five-year survival rate for white women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer is 90% while the five-year survival rate for black women diagnosed with invasive breast cancer is only 76%.

  • The Journal of American Medical Association found that the higher frequency of basal-like tumors found primarily in African American women, as well as lack of access to proper care and treatment, are the main reasons for the poor survival rate observed among young African American women with breast cancer?

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