Know Their Names. Know Their Story.
Let’s Forever Celebrate Our Women Trailblazers.

About Our Seminar

Discover how you can advocate for your health and the things you can do to take control of your health to reduce the risk of illness like cancer.

Join us on a historical journey where we examine the healthcare related bias that existed towards the black community in past century’s leading up to today.

We’ll see how black women advocated for better healthcare within their own communities and provided the medical needs for other black women, men, and children to address lacking healthcare services during those times.

These women trailblazers helped pave the way for improving healthcare in all marginalized communities.

“Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do.”

Meet Our Speakers

Lydia Joi Marshall

President, Board of Directors
Black Health Alliance
Bsc Biology, Msc Human Genetics

Dr. Danielle Cuthbert

MD, Breast Oncology Fellow
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Arnold Pinnock

Actor, Writer, Producer, Historian

Nadine McKenzie

Writer, Entrepreneur
Diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Meet our Facilitator

Stacey Ann Berry is the founder and president of Bstellar® Group Inc.

Stacey Ann Berry

BA (Hons.) MPPAL

The History. The Origins. Your Future.

Chapter 1: History of Black Women, Healthcare, & Misconceptions

  • The origins of mistrust among the black community/women with healthcare practitioners
  • Misconceptions and myths about black women and their bodies
  • How racial stereotypes influenced healthcare historically and in the present day
  • Black women in the healthcare industry who have made a positive impact within black communities in the last century

Chapter 2: Black Women, Breast Cancer, & Healthcare Today

  • Breast cancer diagnosis and mortality rates among black women in comparison to women of other ethnicities
  • The role of genetics in relation to breast cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • The importance of Self-Advocacy in regards to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • How to take control of your health

Why This Seminar On Black Women’s Health Is So Important

Your Health History Does Not Have to be Today’s Reality

We don’t have control over our genes/genetic make up, but we have control over the health choices that we make – Your choice is your power!

Take Control of Your Health

Get screened – Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions

Advocate for Your Own Health and Those Within Your Community

Do your research – Get informed

Event Details


11am – 1pm EST

Toronto Public Library – Albert Campbell Auditorium
496 Birchmount Road, Toronto, ON M1K 1N8

Help Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Proceeds from ticket sales will go towards helping women of African Descent purchase lymphedema devices.

While modern medicine may rid the body of cancer, treating cancer can have lifelong effects, including lymphedema. When the lymph nodes are removed, sometimes fluid can build up in the body. This swelling can triple the size of a limb and be very painful.

Specialized compression devices help the fluid to move through the body and lessens the effect of lymphedema. These devices are rarely covered by insurance companies and are necessary for the rest of a person’s life.

Whether you can or cannot attend this year’s event we encourage you to make a DONATION to help women coping with cancer. Click Here to DONATE

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