The Olive Branch of Hope (TOBOH) is a non-profit charitable organization founded by breast cancer survivors in 1999 and incorporated in 2001.

At The Olive Branch of Hope,  we provide help and information to newly diagnosed individuals and their families who are seeking help and support at this difficult time.   We are concerned about the whole person, mind, body, and soul not just their cancer.

Our support group meets on a monthly basis and provides emotional and social support to patients, their friends and family members.  Our group is not solely comprised of women who are currently afflicted with cancer, but also with those who have survived it and who now want to learn more about the disease.  Through this knowledge, they are increasing their awareness about the disease, and becoming a greater source of help and encouragement to their loved ones.

We also have a strong focus on individuals and families of African-Caribbean Heritage who are often diagnosed at a much younger age than other ethnicities with a more aggressive form of the disease.   By providing information and literature to them, we encourage regular screening as a preventative measure and emphasize a healthy diet.

We have been providing support to our community for over 10 years now, but are poised to do an even better job in the future. Our programs are shaped with you in mind—programs that allow you to freely express yourself in a safe and confidential environment with others you can relate to.

At The Olive Branch of Hope, we are proud of our achievements—however, we are still short on research information that is specific to you, our fellow women of color. It is our intention to work with other community researchers, clinicians and stakeholders to close this gap and to provide you with the best in supportive care. Together we will thrive and survive.

How We Began 

The Olive Branch of Hope (TOBOH) launched in 2001 and was founded by Leila Springer and Winsome Johnson, two breast cancer survivors. Their goal is to provide support and education to our diverse community and to help identify and remove the barriers that prevent individuals from accessing the available health care they need.


Leila is the past President of the World Conference on Breast Cancer Foundation which hosted its most recent international conference in 2011


TOBOH largely assists women of African-Caribbean Heritage affected by cancer and other women of culturally diverse backgrounds. They also work in partnership with health agencies to design programs, develop and distribute health information and facilitate activities to support underserved cultural communities in Canada.


Since launching we have recognized that some cultural attitudes found in communities can prevent women from seeking support services, or participating in screening or treatment after diagnosis. We have also found that some family situations prevent the women from seeking out information that would help them live well, even with a diagnosis of cancer.


The Olive Branch of Hope exists is to create and provide an environment in which those affected by cancer feel supported and encouraged after a cancer diagnosis, and to provide cultural related information, resources, and emotional support to help families cope after the diagnosis and throughout the treatment period.

Our Mandate 


The Olive Branch of Hope is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 2001 by breast cancer survivors to provide support and promote awareness of breast cancer in women with a particular focus on “Women of African Ancestry”  Our services are designed to meet the needs of women diagnosed with breast cancer to help them cope with the many emotional, social, physical, and spiritual effects of the disease.  We provide an open opportunity to discuss and share experiences in a comfortable setting where “Sharing and caring is our theme.”  No woman should feel alone during this time of crisis.​

Our Vision 

To be the leading resource centre for women of African Ancestry diagnosed and living with breast cancer.

Our Mission 

  • To create a safe place where women of diverse cultures can share their breast cancer experiences, be informed, empowered, inspired, and renew their hope for a better future for themselves and for future generations.

  • To provide cultural resources, as well as information and healing techniques to help families cope after the diagnosis and throughout the treatment period.

Our Objectives 

Develop and implement culturally diverse programs to support those affected by cancer

Expand the organization’s reach in serving an increased number of communities across Canada

Increase funding and obtain a sustainable financial base to help drive the organization’s program growth

Extend support to underserved developing countries in Africa and the Caribbean

How We Help 

The Olive Branch of Hope helps E.A.S.E the lives of those affected by cancer.

E- Educate

The Olive Branch of Hope (TOBOH) provides resources and programs to increase awareness on cancer and its impact on those affected by it.


A- Advocate

TOBOH actively advocates on the behalf of those who feel voiceless in their communities.  We encourage open dialogue and challenge policy makers to improve research methods and health care policies.


S- Support

Our support group sessions, seminars and workshops provide a friendly and safe environment for individuals to share their experiences, build a support system, and learn healing and coping strategies during and after a cancer diagnosis.


E- Empower

TOBOH provides individuals with the tools needed to be confident in making decisions that are right for them and their families, giving them hope for the future.


The Olive Branch of Hope creates an environment for individuals to draw on the strengths of each other, overcome the fears and the anxieties associated with cancer, and to ultimately live vitally as an active community member.