WELCOME TO THE OLIVE BRANCH OF HOPE We are still here, we are excited and we look forward to serving you for the next ten years and beyond.  Thanks to our Board Members, volunteers and supporters who worked faithfully because they believe in you. For the past ten years we have faithfully served our community and are poised to do an even better job in the future.  The Olive Branch stepped into the gap ten years ago to provide service to our unique population that is rich in cultural diversity.  Our programs are shaped with you in mind.  Programs that allow you to freely express yourself in a safe and confidential environment with others you can relate to and that speaks directly to your specific needs. more...


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We’re now in October - Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Let’s do more than wear our pink shirts or purchase a pink hat, pencil, or bracelet. Let’s change the landscape of breast cancer to include our diverse population. The Olive Branch of Hope is working in our community to shift the conversation from mainstream to Women of African Ancestry, who are…

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